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I honestly don't get why everyone is so upset about the whole 5sos touring with All Time Low topic. I get that 5sos aren't punk, and their music (in my opinion) kind of sucks but that doesn't mean that they can't tour with punk bands. That's like saying metal bands can't tour with punk bands which is stupid. Alex did say he did do some writing with the boys so it makes perfect sense for them to tour together. Plus it would be really cool to see ATL transform the 5sos fan base punk. Ya feel me?



Honestly, I think 5SOS should make a name for themselves alone. They can’t spend their career holding onto a known band. First it was One Direction, which gave them the fame and fanbase. Now it should be All Time Low because they realized they aren’t punk? No. It’s not fair. If they can’t be a band on their own, why bother ya know?
With that being said, I actually had hope on 5SOS turning into this new fresh air in the punk scene. I truly hope that, eventually, they can share the same type of fans with the bands they admire - Blink, ATL, Green Day. But right now they need to grow up and start to make choices regarding what kind of band they wanna be. 


coac(hella fucking sassy).